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Plastic-Free Guest Amenities

ZeroWaste Global offers a great variety of sustainable guest amenities – 100% plastic-free products.

Equip your hotel rooms with natural products.

Contemporary furnishing of the hotel rooms. Excellent for your guests and for the environment.

Your guests and employees will appreciate it.

ZeroWaste Global Products

Eco-Friendly Goods

Compostable 100% plastic-free hotel and spa amenities.

Individual Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable High-Quality Products

Made of organic, natural and environmentally friendly materials.


ZeroWaste Collection

Natural products for the hospitality industry

The Zerowaste range consists of the best natural products for the hospitality industry. Plastic-free products for your hotel, spa, yacht and aircraft. Your guests will be delighted.

Particularly in today’s world, it is even more important to act in an environmentally conscious manner.

individuell designable Slipper

Hotel & Spa items 100% plastic-free

High Quality

The Zerowaste Global product range is versatile and of the highest quality.
Plastic-free of course!

ZeroWaste offers compostable products for hotels and spas, restaurants, airplanes and yachts.

From guest amenities and toiletries to kitchen and restaurant supplies, bags and slippers to sustainable packaging.


ZeroWaste Global variety of products:

Discover compostable guest amenities.

Made from sustainable materials.

Plastic-free and compostable. The eco-friendly alternative to plastic products.

  • RFID key cards wood & bamboo (for all systems)
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Compostable Hotel Amenities
  • Natural Nail Files
  • Plastic-free Guest Amenities (Shower Caps, Combs, Sewing Kits, Dental Sets, Q-Tips, etc.)
  • Razor wood & bamboo
  • Dispenser and Sachets filled with Organic Cosmetic skin, body and haircare
  • Minibar in a deposit jar concept
  • Eco Slippers
  • Natural coconut-latex and cork Slipper
  • Shoe Shine Balm & Mitt
  • Organic Straws
  • Compostable Garbage Bags
  • Multipurpose Bags (Shoe-, Laundry-, Hairdryer Bags…)
  • Stylish Bags jute, cotton, linen
  • Plastic-free Packaging
  • Wooden Shoe Horn
  • DND Sign – Wooden Do Not Disturb Sign

Individual Designable

custom company standards

Plastic-free Guest Amenities / Toiletries

Reusable and biodegradable products for guests, hotel room equipment.

Zerowaste presents the alternatives to plastic.

Excellent quality of the products is guaranteed.

Zerowaste offers this special hotel equipment for your spa, hotel or gastronomy.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. If you cannot find something in our well-assorted range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you in detail on our product range.

Many products are specially developed and/or designed for our customers. Our range is therefore very diverse and individual.

Minibar Concept – Sustainable - Bio Snacks in a deposit jar

Minibar in a deposit jar concept

ZeroWaste Global launches a sustainable minibar concept!

For us, the idea of circular economy and the zero-waste approach is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

From the lid, to the glass, labels, to the content, everything is sustainable and ecological.

What is better about our deposit glass concept?

  1. There is minimal waste from the lids and labels, both of which can be returned to the loop after recycling.
  2. Glass the proportion of used glass can contain up to 90%.
  3. Glass in recycling saves energy, old glass needs about 50% less energy in the melting process.
  4. Glass can be remelted any number of times.
  5. Glass has a recycling rate of 90% compared to plastic with 15%
  6. Deposit glasses can be refilled up to 50 times and are in use for six years on average
  7. FSC certified paper and mineral oil free printing
  8. PVC free lids
  9. Vegan raw materials
  10. Fair trade product selection
  11. Organic raw materials in the product selection

The selected products, which are fairly bottled in Germany, are made from organic and fairly produced products.

Consistent commitment to less packaging waste
The new reusable packaged products are one of the many measures with which Zerowaste helps to reduce waste for hotels. All amenities of the Zerowaste line have been put to the test and optimized with a focus on resource conservation and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Minibar Concept

Our zero waste minibar concept

We fill the glass containers with fair trade products of your choice.

The labels on paper bases are individually printed with mineral oil-free ink.

After use, we pick up the glasses again.

These are cleaned, recycled what needs to be recycled and refilled. A sustainable cycle for the minibar.

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