Sustainable Minibar

The Lifestyle of ZeroWaste

Minibar in a deposit glass concept

Zerowaste brings a sustainable minibar concept to the market!

The idea of the circular economy and the zero-waste approach is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Everything is sustainable and ecological, from the lid to the glass, labels, and the contents.

What is better about our deposit glass concept?

  1. minimal waste is created by the lids labels, but both can be returned to the cycle after recycling.
  2. glass can contain up to 90% of used gas.
  3. glass in recycling saves energy. Used glass needs approx. 50% less energy in the melting process.
  4. glass can be remelted as often as desired.
  5. glass has a recycling rate of 90%, compared to plastic with 15%.
  6. deposit glasses can be refilled up to 50 times and are used for an average of six years.
  7. FSC certified paper and mineral oil-free printing
  8. PVC-free lids
  9. vegan raw materials
  10. fair trade product selection
  11. organic raw materials in the product selection
  12. Fairly traded products in product selection
  13. Organic and fairly traded products in product selection

Consistent commitment to less packaging waste

The new reusable packaging products are part of Zerowaste’s commitment to reducing hotel waste. Amenities of the Zerowaste line are put to the test and optimised under the focus of resource conservation and sustainability.

Live the ZeroWaste Lifestyle

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