Individual Designs

Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

  • 100% Plastic-Free
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable

Our paper consists of a mixture of cellulose fibers made from softwood pulp.

This type of paper has a good stability and is easy to bend.

Well suited as sustainable packaging for bags, mailers and various cardboard boxes (e.g. cardboard boxes such as cosmetic and hygiene items, hotel & spa products, clothing, bottles and much more).

Packaging materials 100% plastic-free

Eco-Friendly Products

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.

Individual packaging materials for your products, different colors and shapes can be selected.
Designs with printing or embroidery.

  • Cardboard & Paper
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Eco-Friendly Foils
  • Jute, Hemp & Cotton


Compostable Sachets

100% Sustainable

Unique in the whole world.

High quality packaging with the finest organic skin care products.

To love nature.

Plastic-free hotel amenities.

individuell designable Sachets

Individual Eco Packaging

High Quality

Eco-friendly Boxes, individually designable

Packaging made of cardboard & elastic corrugated cardboard.

Paper sleeves are a great packaging solution for a variety of different products

These lastingly protect your products, cosmetics, glass bottles, clothing, jewelry and food.

Our stretchable bottle cover adapts perfectly to various shapes.

Sustainable, reusable, compostable and recyclable


Glass Packaging

100% Sustainable
For us, the idea of circular economy and the zero-waste approach is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

From the lid, to the glass, labels, to the content, everything is sustainable and ecological.

Glass can be remelted any number of times.

Glass has a recycling rate of 90% compared to plastic with 15%

individuell designable Sachets

Sustainable Packaging Experts

Development and production of plastic-free packaging solutions

Made from renewable raw materials

Responsibility for packaging – connected with nature

100% recyclable – 100% biodegradable – 100% compostable

Sustainable packaging materials Environmentally conscious and of high quality.

Natural cosmetic jars are made of wood and naturally degradable adhesives.

Water- and oil-repellent packaging Sealed airtight, the packaging keeps the cosmetics fresh for a long time.

Customizable design for your packaging concepts.

Compostable Zip Bags

Zip Bags are a great packaging solution for a variety of different products.

The bags are:

Eco-friendly ziplock bags,

Kraft paper storage bags

Well suited for coffee beans, powder, dried fruits and flowers, herbs, teas, snacks and much more

Versatile and quick to use

100% recyclable & compostable

ZeroWaste Packaging

Longer, wider, higher – that was yesterday.

Less, thinner, more sustainable and more innovative – these are the packaging visions of tomorrow.

The issues of climate change and plastic waste on our planet are a fact.

That is why we are breaking new ground by redefining packaging and its materials.

Our vision is to deliver only sustainable packaging solutions that benefit the environment and your company.


Sustainable paper packaging for dry food

Sustainable paper packaging for fatty foods

Sustainable paper packaging for food

Sustainable packaging for fruit and vegetables

Sustainable packaging for perishable food

Sustainable packaging for liquid food

Sustainable packaging for cosmetics

Sustainable packaging for food supplements

Refill concepts in sachet, zip lock, capsule, mug

We accompany you on your journey in the transition from plastic to paper, from plastic composites to sustainable compostable materials.

Individual Designable

custom company standards

Worlds First - Compostable Hotel Amenities - Sachets

Unique and incomparable. 100% compostable hotel amenities – plastic-free.

Our sachets can be freely designed in terms of shapes and colors. Individually suitable for your company.

We produce your designs individually with compostable materials.

The sachets are filled with the finest organic skin and hair care products. 100% natural cosmetics. Healthy for all ages and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The sachets are portioned hotel amenities intended for cleaning.

Due to the individual design, we enable tailor-made amenities for storage boxes.

After years of development, we have achieved our goal.

100% compostable sachets, hotel amenities, pouches and packaging have been developed.

Made in Germany

It perfectly protects the high-quality natural skin care products of Urb’n Nature.

The fine products and essential oils remain in the cosmetics without escaping through the packaging.

Perfect for the hotel industry.
Portioned shampoos, shower gels and lotions.

Organic, environmentally friendly and completely compostable.

Sachets filled with URB’N NATURE Cosmetics

100% organic with the finest ingredients for healthy skin & hair.

URB’N NATURE is well known for its organic cosmetics, especially in 5 star hotels and spas.
Professional spa cosmetics that are also available for use at home.
Only the finest ingredients from around the world are used.
All body and hair care products are made in Germany. So you can be assured that only the best quality goes into the products.
No chemicals and no animal testing

URB`N NATURE cosmetic containers are recyclable, reusable and refillable.
The cosmetic is also available in compostable refill packs and sachets.
Alternatively, URB’N NATURE offers
Container return against deposit.

Product Lines:
Professional spa cosmetics – 100% organic
Anti-Aging products – Made in Germany
Vegan skin and hair care
KIDZ collection

Shipping packaging

We offer eco-friendly shipping materials.

  • Boxes
  • Protective films
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Packing Tape – Kraft Paper & Latex Tape

We protect your products and pack them unbreakable.

Zerowaste packaging, the alternative to Styrofoam and plastic bubble wrap.

We pack your products in an environmentally friendly way.
Receive your individual advice and the offer.

Contact us to protect your products with zero waste packaging.

The alternatives to styrofoam & plastic bubble wrap. Environmentally friendly

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